NLR has created the best boost & nitrous controllers available and our customers are breaking records everywhere. If you are supercharged, turbocharged, or nitrous equipped, you need one of our controllers!

AMS-2000 Boost Controller

The flagship is released and already breaking records!
  • Multiple control strategies.
  • 50 points of control per stage.
  • Advanced data logging.

AMS-1000 Boost Controller

The time or shift based multi-stage boost controller of record holders.
  • Flexibility, Accuracy, and Precise Control. (Supercharged, turbocharged or anything controlled by air)
  • No limit on boost pressure....the AMS will control as much as your system can produce!
  • User friendly and Great for Street Applications.

The AMS-500 Two Stage Controller

The 2-stage boost controller for all vehicles.
  • The AMS-500 Boost Controller can control 2 stages and/or levels of boost.
  • Each stage has a range of adjustment from 0-40 PSI with 1 PSI resolution and is controlled to within 0.1 PSI to target using advanced control algorithms.
  • The Safe Mode continually checks for the proper pressure increase and will disable the system and open the decrease solenoid in the even of an error condition.

The NMS-1000 Nitrous Management System

The progressive nitrous controller that's already setting records.
  • Fully programmable nitrous & fuel curves.
  • Analog input for a wideband O2 sensor for logging and safety shut-off if you run lean.
  • Analog output for use with aftermarket ignitions and fuel systems to retard timing and/or add fuel based on nitrous percentages off of a user defined graph which can also be used to datalog the nitrous activity.

We also offer Sensors, Solenoids, Pigtails and Wiring Harnesses for our products.

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